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K u know what lol, so yesterday this guy texted me asking if I wanted to hangout. I really didn t see the text until like 3 hours later lol (funny thing never happens when u text) anyways, I text him back asking where, just to see what he will say. And he s like "nowhere now Cuz I already left. Next time check...

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  1. ChandiOrtiz

    Sounds like a total cry baby to me. If someone ever demanded I check my phone more often that would be the end of the conversation. He's living in his own little dream world where everything has to go his way, with no room for error, that's why he got mad.

  2. devonian Rodders

    Ask yourself "Do I need such a guy who is argumentative for the sake of it ? " Possibly he was peaved because you did n jump to attention when he sent text.

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