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She's a 10 year old dog, most of her teeth are rotten and she can't chew on much anymore. She has a few missing teeth already. But for the sake of convenience, let's just say that: she's a small dog (bichon frise), she has ALL her teeth, all teeth are rotten. How much would it cost, on average, to...

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  1. Sandy

    There isn't really an average. All vets are different and charge different costs. My vet is VERY expensive and my cat had 8 teeth pulled (dog hasn't had any). It was $1,000 just for 8. Dogs have 42 teeth total. $1,000 for 8 teeth=$125 per tooth. So, multiply $125 by 42 and you get $5,250 for ALL the teeth. That's VERY expensive, but that's for my vet. Your vet is probably a lot cheaper. I'd say on average, be ready to spend $1,000 or more. Ask your vet about how much it'd cost.

  2. Nekkid Truth!

    Anasthesia fee anywhere from around $100-600 and cost to pull teeth, Ive been quoted anywhere from $20-75 per tooth.

    You would have to call vets in YOUR area and find out. I'd be surprised if "all" of them are rotting. Most probably just need a good cleaning.

  3. Hi my name is: ANIMA

    Depend on your vet and your area. Some cost a lot more than others.

    My oldest dog just had 9 teeth removed for $350 and that included aftercare.
    Before I moved here my dog (since passed) had 2 teeth removed and it was almost $700 and I had to pay extra for aftercare.

  4. GllntKnight

    This wouldn't have happened had you provided daily dental hygiene, beginning the moment you brought her home.

    Take her to a vet, and ask them, costs, vary from vet to vet, area to area, even a vet can't give an estimate without examining your dog.

  5. J C

    That is a question only your vet can answer. At her age she will need pre-op bloodwork. Most vets have a basic cost for a dental which includes the anesthesia, and then it's an additional charge per tooth. It cost more for a 'difficult' extraction than an easy one. Some vets require full mouth ex-rays when the teeth are rotten. Then there may be antibiotics, and there will be pain medication. You need to get her in to the vet so they can examine her mouth, get her bloodwork done, and they will give you an estimate for her dental. I suspect you will be spending at least $1000 on all of that. If the cost is more than you can spend, the vet will help you apply for Care Credit. You get 6 months to pay, interest free.

  6. latcho drom

    Costs differ at every vets so your best bet is to shop around

  7. Jo

    All vets charge differently, call your vet and ask.

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