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Jenny: the holy Bible holds the evidence that is freely available for the study. No need for any monetary involvement.

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  1. Ricardo

    Why has atheism been so destructive in the last 250 years? - Only in the destruction of psychopathic fundies.

    The destruction has been huge and ongoing, so why would anyone support it? - And like a good fundie you do not support it in any manner. The French revolution, - POLITICS, you may need to look up that word.

    the Russian revolution, - POLITICS, there is it again. the anti-religious leaders that brought so much death in the 20th century, - Hitler and Stalin? Both fervently religious. Arch Duke Ferdinand? Psychopathically egomaniacal. even the ongoing atrocities taking place in north Korea and China here in the 21st century. - North Korea is the most religious country on the planet and China has more christians than the US. That thinking stuff really scares you doesn't it.

    How could a decent human being do everything to hide, deny, minimize and try to silence that bloody destructive history of atheism - Because we have functional brain cells, which you are obviously missing. Especially when sensible people who do understood the truth of atheism, refuse to participate in it? - Says the person with the imaginary friend.

    still insecurely cherry picking by ignoring the testimonial evidence of God, - Hallucinations are not evidence. the holy Bible holds the evidence that is freely available for the study. - It is a proven plagiarism and fantasy, should you actually study it, but in your case, just regurgitation.

  2. Brigalow Bloke

    Totalitarian politics and militaristic nationalism. Totalitarian politics has been favored and supported for centuries by religious groups. There was of course the "Divine Right of Kings", the opposition of the Prince of Bavaria to the free thinking Illuminati and the fact that as little as 200 years go Calvinists in Geneva were still persecuting anyone who thought the wrong way. They started off by burning people at the stake, so merely kicking them out of the city was I suppose an improvement.

    In the 1914 - 18 war, the religious Austrians managed to kill off one third of the population of Serbia, and of course, between 1840 and 1862 a Christian inspired rebellion in China killed something between 20 to 60 million people.

    Like every other "anti-atheist" asker on here you carefully ignore the millions of deaths caused by officially religious governments because you have been carefully kept ignorant of them.

  3. Bryce

    The French Revolution got rid of a bad monarchy and eventually became a democracy. The Russian Revolution got rid of a bad authoritarian government. Their next bad authoritarian government was able to defeat the Nazis. That was good. Their government is better now. Europe has been moving towards no religion, and they have a good humanitarian and human rights record. China has the best government they've ever had. Your premise is not valid.

  4. Mikey, just Mikey

    Whatever damage that was done was not done to further the goals of atheism, since there aren't any. It's simply a lack of belief in a god or gods. There are people like you who resent anyone who does not buy in to your particular and peculiar fantasy, so you lash out at those who you disagree with. So sad for you.

    PS God does not exist no matter how much you may wish that were not the case.

  5. Anonymous

    More people have been killed throughout history over religious beliefs than not. Religion is what has caused more wars than anything else. Do you even know what you're talking about? North Korea and China mainly practice Buddhism and Confucianism, not atheism. Religion extremists have killed more people in the last 30 years than atheists have killed in the whole world's existence.

  6. Jenny

    Atheism means disbelief in any gods,nothing more, nothing less.

    If some people can't understand that, then that's their problem.

    Oh, & could you please show me this evidence of a god that you have? You could be very rich, you know. . .

    Update: All the Bible proves is that a long time ago, some people with wild imaginations could read & write!

  7. Adam

    Still not evidence for any gods.

    Already explained why ignoring testimony isn't "cherry-picking" if said testimony isn't validated independently.

    I take it you believe all testimonies of all gods ever declared to exist, then.

    Atheism isn't a moral code. It doesn't tell people how to behave, or how to treat others. It's not up to any one atheist to explain the actions of any other. By contrast, as one who believes humans are given a moral code by some divine figure, it's up to you to explain why people who believe in such a Figure are still able to commit atrocities.

    Where is the ad hominem? Is it not true that religious people have committed atrocities? Supported and financed wars? So far the "evidence" for your god - and, indeed, all gods, including the ones you don't think exist - amounts to, "Atheists can't effectively argue that no gods exist, so therefore at least one does." No, wrong. It's up to you to bolster your assertion of a deity with evidence, not chip away at the sceptics.

    Nothing to say, Flowerchild?

  8. Anonymous

    It could be because they wanted to be Lazy and do only what they each wanted. I have asked people that had believed in GOD and stopped - why? All had very lazy reasons. From "So I can sleep late one more day a a week."; to "If we do not believe, then we cannot sin." (From couples having sex and not married) Yet Sinning they are!
    LOVE comes only from and with GOD!
    Those that leave GOD cannot feel any Love at all! They live carrying only for themselves. To often not caring at all if they hurt others.

  9. Taylor

    Simply because hate is a blinder of people Do you think Jea or N Keith or any of those would save you even from death if they kneew your beliefis. That is the root of most modern horrors, that hate that blinds the mind to the most obvious things.Not believing is one thing, hating believers is miles from that.

  10. numbnuts222

    You are right, I must get myself an imaginary friend immediately or I will rain destruction down on every one!

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