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So I m on the hunt for a new car for college as my old car broke down on me. I have my sights set on this Chevy Impala, 140,000 mileage, one owner, no accidents. Its being sold by a dealership for only $750. Can somebody with experience with this generation of impalas give some insight on why the price is so low...

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  1. thebax2006
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    Make sure the transmission shifts good and pull the tranny dipstick to check if the ATF is red or pink as it should be. if it's brown or black and smells burnt the tranny may be failing. If you change the oil and filter every 3,000 miles those 3.8 liter motors will run foe 300,000 miles.

  2. PatrickC

    I traded in a 2001 Chevy Venture with a 3.1L V6 that was a piece of crap. That vintage GM products have problems especially with intake manifold gaskets. Forget what I am saying and have it independently checked by a mechanic.

  3. lowlevel

    Pretty good cars.... just ask any police department--these were the first FWD cars worthy of replacing the old durable RWD steeds like the Crown Vic and Caprice Classic.

    I'd lowball, though... ask $500... and when he comes back with $650 or $700 tell him 'all in' (no BS dealer fees, taxes, prep fees, or credit card service fees).

  4. Stojance

    Well , its known for electrical and transmission issues. Also the maintenance of this car is quite expensive, that's why is so cheap. I don't think so its a right choice. But at the end its up to you

  5. Kevin

    I'll go for a different car then thanks guys

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