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When I turn it on I get 3 long lower pitched beeps, then a short pause, followed by 2 short higher pitched beeps and nothing on the screen. This only happens with the new RAM, I'm thinking its a compatibility issue but any help would be awesome

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  1. efflandt

    One thing you need to pay attention to besides other spec's is voltage (especially for laptop RAM). Although when I used standard DDR3 RAM (PC3-12800) which is 1.5 volts in a laptop that required DDR3L (PC3L-12800) which is 1.35 volts) the laptop still booted, but Windows 10 got memory errors and I also got errors when I tested the memory from UEFI/BIOS.

    So if your existing RAM from that computer has an L in its description on its sticker, make sure that the RAM you buy either has an L in it (which is not always shown in on-line descriptions) or specifically mentions 1.35 volts. For example when I used cpu-z to see what the RAM was in the laptop before looking for RAM, it did not show the L and I did not know to pay attention to the 1.35 volts that it did show.

  2. Fred

    What you are hearing are BIOS trouble codes. Look up the codes for your BIOS.They are different depending on your BIOS.

    I would remove the RAM you just added and go to and have it scan your system. It will tell you exactly what RAM you need. Now, see if your new RAM meets these specs.

  3. Adrian

    What ram, what specs, what machine???
    Odds are very good you have the wrong ram, but without giving us any details of the ram or your PC, we cannot tell you why it is wrong or what kind of ram to get instead.

  4. Paul

    Make sure you put them in correctly, if it's a pair of chips try using one at a time. Also if your motherboard has 2 channels (2 different color slots) try putting them in the other one

  5. Bill

    Your correct. There is a Problem with the NEW RAM. Clean the contacts on the RAM.
    If you have more than one, Try just inserting one chip at a time and try all the slots.

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