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Causes for stunted growth in adolescents?

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  1. Anonymous

    Malnutrition (including anorexia, starvation diets) , hormonal problems. However, in reality it is very rare in the west. Even with a fast food diet you would get enough fats and protein to reach your max height. Anorexia usually takes place after puberty begins so the main growth has already taken place. Hormone deficiencies are often spotted by doctors or parents when height is much under normal.
    On YA unfortunately lots of young kids seem to be under the misapprehension that they can choose their own height, that they have some miraculous right to be far taller than their parents or what their genes allow. Many of them think they are 'cheated' by losing height due to coffee, late nights or eating a MacDonalds, when they are in fact totally normal and average height for their age and genetic background.

  2. Aragorn

    Illness and malnutrition can contribute to stunted growth.

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