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I heard comments from Duane Ludwig, TJ Dillashaw, and Dominick Cruz that Faber has not evolved as a fighter.

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  1. samuraiwarrior_98

    I would say that's fairly true in the sense that every sport evolves and changes and the competition gets better along with approaches to training and competing. If Faber has its not evident because he looks the same and fights the same as he did 3, 4, or several years ago. That will only sustain you only so long in any sport really and why coaches, trainers, and competitors are always looking for new ways, and new approaches to things to improve themselves and those they train and work with.

  2. callsignfuzzy

    I could show you a clip from his WEC days and it would be almost identical to how he is now. In fact, I'd say he's devolved. In his second fight with Brown, in the WEC, he broke his hands and was throwing elbows the entire fight. These days, he mostly just throws the right hand, and some flicky front kicks that hardly land. His shot is almost gone, though his scramble and choke are still solid. I think he's gotten comfortable winning how he's won over the last few years and doesn't see any need to change.

  3. Michael

    no; he's same eye-poking boxer-wrestler

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