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I'm a 22 year old male virgin (not by choice) and I'm really ashamed of it. I don't know why I haven't been able to do it yet and it really makes me feel bad about myself because everyone I know has had lots of sex. Most have been doing it since they were teenagers. The reason I'm asking this is...

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  1. Mrs. Frankenstein

    At one point, I was known as the "Virgin Magnet," LOL. I never laughed. I guided, I taught, I educated as best I could.

    The thing here is that you're WAY overthinking it. Yes, some women might not be into that and some women might be even MORE turned on by it, but at the same time, a woman that has any kind of class and decency will neither pity nor laugh at you. It's a silly thing to get all crazy about.

    The guys that I slept with that were virgins were HONEST with me from the get-go, and also, we were starting long-term relationships as well. I was patient and they were receptive. Of course, once they got the hang of it, they wanted it ALL THE TIME.

    It's also nothing to be ashamed of, dude. So what? Just be honest. It's a journey. NO ONE is good at sex right out the gate. Like anything else, practice makes perfect.

  2. Anonymous

    Personally you should go for a girl that is a virgin so you share the same ideas and feelings. There is nothing to be ashamed of for being a Virgin and you are not the only one, I will be honest it would take a lot for me to date a virgin because I am not and I am a very sexual type of person. Not all girls care about sex even if they are a virgin or not.

  3. Alex

    I don't think most women care. I was 21 (just two months shy of 22) when I lost my virginity. The girl who I lost it to had had around 24 partners (both men and women). She didn't seem to care that I didn't have experience. I really liked her, I wish things worked out.

  4. ?

    Why would you want a woman that has slept around? Get some standards.

  5. whatsername

    Yes. Definitely. Some girls think its attractive, actually.

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