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How much money would someone need to just run away, somewhere? Any cheap places to go? Start over?

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  1. Robsteriark

    Africa is full of places like that. Some parts of South America and South East Asia as well.

    But they're cheap and easy to just turn up at and settle in because those particular places tend to be violent, lawless, corrupt, polluted, unsanitary and altogether unappealing.

    Whatever is wrong with where you now live is vastly better overall than those places and far easier to change to suit your needs.

    In any case, asking for a specific place to run away to requires that you state where you're running from. For example, there's no point in suggesting you go to Haiti if you already live there.

  2. Mooned Y!A

    It didn't occur to me to think outside of the US. In America, you don't need any money. Search Shelter Locator on Yahoo. Many shelters, but not all, will give you everything you need to find a job and also save money until you can rent your own place. Any city or town in the South or Midwest is an alright place to try. Why not Kansas!

  3. Anonymous

    You don't need any money if you are being abused and a domestic violence charity can help you. They will relocate you and help you start over.
    Or contact your friends or family and ask one of them to come pick you up

  4. Anonymous

    Really depends on where you want to go. If you're willing to go overseas, countries like Cambodia and Vietnam are pretty cheap.

  5. don r

    There are hundreds of bums everywhere who ran away with no money and beg or do odd jobs.

  6. DR + Mrs Bears face

    Hi about 10k dollars at least.

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