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People say I m beautiful and I think I m nice well I am and I like football a lot. There s also a boy at my school who would absolutely complete my life. He s in the popular gang and I m not as popular as him and loads of girls like him but I don t know how to get him. He s out of my league but anyone help?

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  1. Freshness

    Go for it. Some guys, if not most, don t care about looks, they care about personality. If u are what u say u are ( pretty...etc) then u should be fine. Approach him whenever u feel u should... Either in public or if you re to shy then when he s alone. Good luck.

    PS: if he does reject u, don t feel bad. You deserve better.

  2. kennethn

    try to get a bf who has messed with dogs before. sounds like he would be a good candidate for you.

  3. Tom

    a boy will not complete your life, only you can do that

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