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okay so i'm a junior right now. i'm 16 250 lbs my height 5'9 almost 5'10" and i play defensive end/nose guard. i am fairly good at it i come off the ball well and all that and i try my hardest to make plays on the defensive side. i mainly play nose guard we have a 3-4 defense and i need help on...

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  1. Grayson

    well I am currently in high school as well, I used to play football, and have some experience within the nose guard position, if you want to break your bad habit of coming off the ball standing up and being too high to drive and make plays off an offensive linemen, I suggest that when the ball is snapped try to get under the center or whoever you are guarding shoulder pads, on my team we'd call this a stearing wheel drive to where you grab onto their shoulder pads either on the bottom side or above the straps on the side, this will give you a position where you have all the strength and can drive the man backwards and make some plays.

  2. Bob


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