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Should conservatives own everything south of the mason dixon line, and liberals own everything north of it?

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  1. The Oracle of Omigod

    That would be just the opposite in fact. More likely the Liberals would own the ten biggest cities in America and the conservatives would own everything else.

  2. Larry Phischman

    Most of the South's cities are liberal. Even Atlanta. Areas with high population density are naturally liberal. Anyway, your plan would give liberals most of America's money, agriculture, and heavy industry. Also the south is already decrepit enough. Handing it over completely to people who don't believe in infrastructure and public health would reduce it to third world status.

  3. Zardoz

    Push that to the North 80th parallel and you've got yourself a deal.

  4. MoreSmarterestEdumac

    No, Conservatives should own all of it and liberals deported to Libya.

  5. Progressive RHINO

    Trump will win Northern States.

  6. Love me, Baby

    Just the Republican counties, or about 95% of the landmass of the country.

  7. Mabe

    People don't own the land. Only what we build upon it, is what we can call our own.

  8. Anonymous

    Liberals are to busy having anal sex to care.

  9. EIEIO

    No, you cannot have my stuff.

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