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We are going to PetSmart today, and there is this black shihtzu named Scooby there. We have another dog, so should we get Scooby?

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  1. Sandy

    It's totally up to you. I, personally, wouldn't do it. If you do happen to adopt this dog, there are lots of things to consider.

    What are you going to do if your dog doesn't like Scooby?
    Do you have the money for extra food, vet bills, etc?
    Do you have the time to train and exercise two dogs?
    Does everyone else in the family approve of this?
    Does Scooby like other dogs?
    Do you know anything of this dog's past?

    Most dogs don't like when a new dog comes into their territory, so when you bring this dog home, it might be totally different than if you were somewhere else. To your dog, you're bringing a complete stranger into your house. It's not the best idea, but again, it's your choice. I don't recommend it. If you end up not getting the dog, don't feel bad, someone will adopt him sooner or later.

    If I were you, I wouldn't do it.

  2. Steve

    This is all going to depend on your current situation and your other dog. First, ask yourself a few questions:

    Is your current dog dog-friendly?
    Is the new dog dog-friendly?
    Can I handle some rough times while they try to establish dominance?

    If the answer is "No" or "I don't know" to any of the above then you are not ready...

  3. Noah

    I dont recomend getting 2 diffarent dog at diffarent times unless they are both only puppies then dont, Because they probably wont get along together

  4. Jo

    This IS an international forum and it is NATIONAL adoption day. Check online locally and find out. Sorry I can't help you.

  5. Anonymous

    You are a chld. You cannot own a dog. I'd suggest that your parents make this decision.

    I'd suggest that their decision should be "no."

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