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Any tips on how to get the best answer.

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  1. Sombra
    Best Answer

    Give better answers. When reading a question, take a minute to figure out what the asker really wants to know.

    A good answer is not necessarily the longest answer, nor is it the one containing copy/paste chunks of information from other sites or links to sites or pages that might or might not be relevant.

    Usually a good answer is one that supplies the information the asker wants and is concise, well-written, and contains few or no obvious spelling or grammar mistakes. Preview/proofread your answer before submitting and correct any spelling, grammar, or punctuation errors, and use good sentence structure and paragraph form. It does matter, because a poorly-written answer is often passed over even if it contains the best information, simply because it's difficult to read.

  2. Sloe Gin Izzy

    Be selective. Look at the profiles and see if they even give BA. Some users never give one.

    Answer in an area you are pretty knowledgeable in.

    If you don't care about integrity, agree with whatever the asker says. You have no idea how many times I've seen users ask if some married person will leave their spouse and six kids for them, and everyone says probably not, and then there will be that one user that says definitely. Guess who gets BA?

    Some users really want honesty. If you look at their profiles, you can kind of get a picture of whether they do or not by who they award BA.

    Be courteous.

    Look for questions that have not been answered. If no one else answered, you're more likely to get BA if the asker usually gives them.

    When you find someone that gives BA, stick with their profile and wait for their questions.

    Know that if you are only after BA's, you probably won't be leveling up very fast.

    Another thing I've noticed is that if a lot of experienced level 7's have already answered the question with good answers- skip it. They are most likely to get the BA.

  3. Ty

    by giving the best answer

  4. Nobody

    By giving the best answer, according to the asker.

  5. Lucy


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