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I have accidently hit a sidewalk with my gmc truck and it seems to be at a decent shape but i am worried about the rim crack and how bad is it for the car or tires while driving. The crack like took a thin part of the rim. Also is there anyway fixing it rather than changing the whole rim.
Thank you for your time

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  1. JetDoc

    If your wheel rim is REALLY cracked, then the wheel is not safe to use and it MAY fail at any time. While it MAY be possible to have it welded or repaired by a professional, it's probably cheaper to just replace it. You can probably find a serviceable USED wheel from a local auto salvage yard

  2. Skoda John

    Having seen the results of a rim failing you need to change the wheel for the spare NOW. You need to get the rim replaced.

  3. Francis

    Change it straight away there might be further damage.

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