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How would I attract a Mexican woman, I claim they are the best looking women in the US. I've always trouble speaking with a Mexican girl

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  1. Anonymous

    Mexican girls are really easy to date if you are black, asain or mexican.

    If you are any other ethnicity or race, you would have to be symbolizing a sugar daddy or else they wouldn't give you the time of day for a billion dollars. If you are black, mexican or asain, you just have to talk to them and they will treat you normally and you just get to know them and eventually ask them out.

    If you are say white, you mine as well stay away or you will probably get them asking all sorts of questions like, how come you never read books before. Or how come white people don't like sports? Why do your friends always arrest my cousin. Stuff like that. Mexican woman, unless it means they get a green card. Hate white people. They are raised to hate white people. Because white people are living in California which they are raised to believe belongs to mexicans so white people are their eternal enemy or some non sense.

    Their parents have already blown your chances out of the water if you're white.

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