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Trump is gonna TRICKLE some change down to us... I can't wait to get me some of dat trickle...?

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  1. Aizen

    Waterfall, not a mere trickle.

    Because Trump's a strongman.
    Trickles aren't impressive enough.


  2. Anonymous

    I remember back in '88 when Reagan said that if we cut the top tax bracket for millionaires from 70 % down to 35 % , that some of the 1 trillion a year they no longer paid in tax would somehow trickle down to the middle class working man . in 28 years they have put a minimum of 28 TRILLION more in their pocket , 28 trillion less into the treasury . yet not a dime has ever trickled down .

  3. Anonymous

    Trump will trickle your pickle for a nickle.

  4. Summertime

    Whatever Trumps trickling. Its wet and has a smell.

  5. Jacob

    You can learn English as well!!

  6. fire_sine

    Please keep your sick fantasies about Trump's trickling to yourself.

  7. vitae

    There are still people that support hillary?

  8. Brown Hole of Doom

    That sounds fcking gay.

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