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My dad told me that pine resin is permanent, so does that mean it will be stuck to my skin and clothes forever?

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  1. greenfrogs

    I have had pine sap on the hood of my car and it will not come off. Good luck! It will not stay on your skin forever but maybe it will stay your clothes. Don't put your clothes in the washer or dryer as it may transfer to other clothes. Try goo gone.

  2. Ask

    Take a shower put on clean clothes and stay out if trees.

  3. Ann

    bug and tar remover works, soap and water doesn't, I have a friend who uses margarine. you could try that

  4. DWilliams

    Try hand sanitizer or rubbing alcohol

  5. 18 gibbs 20

    Put you clothes in the washing machine. Put yourself in the shower. Both will come clean just fine.

  6. Kiss Me Kate

    it isn't permanent---but it is hard to get off---try using baby oil or even olive oil--leave on for awhile then bathe---good luck!
    but I bet you smell good! lol

  7. Randy

    Jump in the shower with soap and water

  8. Poppy

    WD40 will dissolve the sap, also mechanics hand cleaners will work.

  9. James

    Try hand sanitizer

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