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Quite a few years back when I was very young, my grandfather purchased a 71 Chevy Camaro from someone. He bought it with intentions of building the car with me as I grew older and planned on giving it to me. However his health had taken a bad turn shortly after the purchase, leaving the car sit in a trailer since....

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  1. lucy

    Huh, a title with no owners name on it? Most titles will list the owner, name and address and when they sell it, will sign as the seller and then your grandfather would have signed as the buyer. And even if grandpa could transfer to you, he would need to put title into his name, then "gift" it to you, his grandson, then you would put the title into your name.

    Sounds like this camaro had been totaled and junked when your grandfather bought, since he intended on fixing it up himself. Or, it is possible the vehicle had been stolen years ago, and never found, and "someone" sold it to grandpa, that "may" not have even owned it.

    Is there a license plate on this vehicle, or in the vehicle any papers of past registration to show who the owner was?

    Check with the police to see if ever reported stolen. You might want to take title to DMV and see if (any) way can be titled or not. Or you may need to get a bonded title, but that might cost more than the vehicle is worth.

  2. StephenWeinstein

    The first concern should be the penalty for not having it registered or insured all these years. It could be more than the car is worth.

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