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hi Im almost 16 and live in north Carolina. i would love to get emancipated. i have a friend i would move in with and a job already. my parents have sent me to therapy because im pan-sexual. they yell at me all the time and i cant stand it any more.they wont let me go anywhere unless im with them or see any of my...

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  1. Anonymous

    Emancipation means you live completely on your own, not rooming with friends. Your parents are trying to be parents. Parents yell. Parents send their kid to therapy if they think they need it. Kid doesn't have to like it. Judge will not emancipate because of this.

    It is important to grasp and understand that you're a minor. You don't have choices. You don't get to do whatever you want. Parents do in fact have control over you until you're 18 and moved out. You don't have to like this. You should also grasp that your parents, even though responsible for you, do NOT have to accept your sexual preference. I suggest you learn to deal with it.

  2. Nekkid Truth!

    No. Not with plans to move in with a friend. To emancipate, you need enough income to be completely financially independent. That means affording your own apartment at fair market rent, food, utilities, health care, transportation, etc. All while maintaining good grades in school. No moving in with someone, no roommates, no food stamps, no medical card. And it has to be a good reason. Just because you don't want to go to therapy isn't a reason.

  3. Patrick B

    No chance in hell.

    Emancipation is not for children who don't like following the rules.

  4. linkus86

    Lets think about this. Your parents restrict you from doing what you want to do and you think they will just allow you to be emancipated so you don't have to listen to them anymore? Therapy may be the right place for you because you seem out of touch with reality. I am just teasing.

    Its not going to happen, but don't get depressed. In less than two years you can move out and support yourself with who ever you like.

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