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A media that has so verily been hostile to Trump and so utterly in the corner of Hillary, crying foul that Trump played them into giving him free coverage of his hotel opening plus a stump speech? Lololol

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  1. Elwood Blues
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    The media is laughing at Trump. Trump tells a flat-out lie, and the media reports "Trump said X which is a flat out lie!" They're having fun with it. The anger in in the Trump campaign staff, because Trump has gone off his teleprompters again.

    And the media is not in Hillary's corner. They keep fussing about a few emails, when they ignored the fact that Bush lost 5 million emails. That's an anti-Hillary double standard if I ever saw one.

  2. laslo

    The media is hostile to Trump because he deserves it. You can't be a bully and then hide behind mommy's skirt.

  3. Lucille

    Maybe they'll s hit enough bricks to build the wall, lol!

  4. Fritz

    I wonder who'll be lollol'ing when the next poll shows him 20 points down.

  5. TB12

    You mean because he suddenly did an about face on the one issue he has been so adamant about for the last eight years.

  6. Anonymous

    Barry was an anchor baby

  7. Anonymous

    Whoa...lay off the drugs, dude.

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