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True or False: Volunteering counts as work experience?

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  1. Pearl L
    Best Answer

    true, and i heard sometimes you can get hired that way

  2. laughter_every_day

    It might depend on who is doing the counting. If I am in the process of hiring someone to repair my roof, the fact that the person once volunteered at the dog shelter 20 years ago will not enter into the equation. If I am looking to hire someone to work with dogs at the dog shelter and they were volunteering to work with dogs last week, that would indeed be a factor.

  3. They Pelted Us With

    Yes, as long as you identify it as volunteering, a smart manager realizes it is valuable,.
    I'd hire Eagle Scouts all day long if I could. The thing is, a volunteer wants to work, which half of most new hires do not.

  4. Siddhartha

    True. I know quite a few people in HR and they always look for Volunteering in post school experience.

  5. Mikey, just Mikey

    False. They're two entirely different things. You could claim that an internship counts as work experience but not volunteering.

  6. aeriol7

    True Volunteering whether unpaid or paid and the same is true for internships. So put it on your resume and keep references for either.
    Exp Volunteering at Veterans Administration

  7. Daro

    No ruling authority to make determination.

    When YOU consider hiring someone ( say to cut your grass) you can count anyway u like.

  8. J M


  9. SCE2AUX2

    Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn't. It depends on who does the hiring.

  10. Matt

    Somewhat. It depends on what you are doing and how often.

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