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so if there is only one witness signed (even he/she is JP).
The will is NOT legal will?

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  1. O

    you already asked this question and were informed you need two witnesses regardless of the fact one may be a JP that is not sufficient ... read the following carefully

    The will-maker should read the will, and make sure they understand and are happy with everything in it.

    There should be two adult witnesses who are not beneficiaries under the will.
    The will-maker should date the will before signing.
    In the presence of the witnesses, the will-maker should
    sign the will at the bottom of each and every page
    initial any alterations.
    In the presence of the will-maker and each other, each witness should
    sign the will at the bottom of each and every page
    initial any alterations
    The witnesses should print their names and addresses below their signatures.

    Copies of the will, with the names of the will-maker and the witnesses printed on them, should be made and marked 'Copy: Original kept at...'

    Points to note
    Copies should not be signed or they may become 'valid' wills.
    The will-maker and the witnesses should all use the same pen as evidence that they were all together when the will was signed.
    Nothing should be attached to the original will with a pin or paper clip.
    No alterations should be made to the will after it has been signed.

  2. Re Vera

    Does the statute make an exception for notaries or JPs? If not, 2+2 will not equal five, no matter how hard you try.

  3. Dog

    Australia is racist country

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