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I'm 18 and I justed started going to the gym. On leg days I feel nausea when I work out. How do I avoid this and why does it happen?

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  1. BGG

    It is because you haven't worked out like this in a long time. Keep at it and your body will adjust to it and you'll be fine. It's a normal thing that happens when one takes up something so physical so suddenly.

    (This is mostly when you are dizzy but see whether this helps) Another reason can be you are not breathing enough. Not enough oxygen is going up to your brain as all your muscles are using it. Don't hold your breath when you workout and try to breathe in deep breaths and release them slowly. Breathe in more than your breathe out. That'll help.

    If u feel like vomitting, sit down with your head leaning downwards between your legs. It'll help bring the blood flow back into your brain and it'll ease the feeling.

    Hope this has helped ya ???????? keep at it at the gym????????

  2. Milou

    You should keep yourself hydrated and eat healthy foods. It might make you feel nausea just because you're starting out. It should pass but if it continues, I'd advise you to go to a doctor.

  3. ian

    Mabye because you haven't worked that part of your body a lot so it's more streinful on you. Answer mine?

  4. Elaine M

    You're probably under hydrated. Drink more water.

  5. Tarzan

    You're drowning in pssy by the day! Come be savages and slay them hoes by the time you stay

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