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I have a substantial Term Life Policy. Is this sellable?

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  1. Insurance

    If you're terminally ill, then instead of selling it you could consider contacting the insurance company for an advance on the death benefit. If you're not terminally ill, then nobody would want to buy it. It has no value.

  2. Eva

    No. Term policies have no cash surrender value and unless you die within the policy term, it would be worth nothing to the buyer.

  3. Pork-chop of God

    No. It is a "term" insurance policy for YOU....the premiums you pay are based on YOUR actuarial profile....the only way to 'turn it into cash' is to die....

  4. Casey Y

    No value to anyone but yourself.

  5. tatilendi

    call the insurance company or broker

  6. Judy

    no, they have no cash value

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