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My previous dog was registered. But I was willing to get an unregistered dog if it is in fact a Akbash.

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  1. GreyhoundAdopter
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    With no papers - you have no proof of the breeding behind the dog.
    Have you paid a visit to this breeder and SEEN both of the parent dogs? See their size, conformation and most importantly their dispositions?

    You don't need papers to get a dog to guard your livestock - just a dog bred with the right drives. If it cross, it is with a similar (though longer haired) Great Pyrenees - which is also a good guardian breed for your livestock.

    I would very concerned with the growth (tumor?) growing on the puppy's head ... or is this a injury - from being kicked in the head by a cow - or something? Regardless, don't spend $500.00 for a puppy without a through vet examination & clean bill of health.

    It is always buyer beware when it comes to buying a puppy. I am not familiar with the breed, so I can not comment on the purity of the pup.

  2. CDog

    Could be an Akbash, but yes it is hard to tell from that picture. Doesn't look part Pyr to me. What's on it's head? A wound? A skin problem? $500 sounds like plenty to pay for an unregistered dog to me, and I'd be concerned about what is on it's head.

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