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The Germans who had nothing to do with ww2 or the Nazis and Adolf Hitler.

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  1. BlueChief
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    the Nazis

  2. choko_canyon

    The Nazis and Hitler were directly responsible, but the German people elected them and allowed the holocaust to transpire, giving approval for it in many circumstances. And you can't say that the Germans "had nothing to do with WW2, when they made up 95% of the soldiery.

  3. DR + Mrs Bears face

    Hi Are you brain dead or what without Adolf hitler there would be no world war 2 let alone the Holocaust which he started back in 1932 some 7 years before world war 2.
    facts of history are everywhere child or brain dead which is it.
    what stupid logic has told you that this is not the truth here. some neo nazi i suppose.

  4. Richard

    catholicism! :D (its true!)

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