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Why should I get married if I'm a self providing man?

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  1. Livinrawguy
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    Just cause you make a good living doesn't mean you will not be lonely, and alone and depressed. Having someone in your life is more than just having another income stream. Many guys marry for love, kids, companionship, and extended family members the in-laws. Having a partner is also important for a safe sexual partner.

  2. K8

    Marriage is not a requirement, it is a choice, one you can choose not to make.

    I am a self providing, self sufficient, independent woman. My husband is a self providing, self sufficient, independent man. We married 29 years ago and together we make quite a team living the life we created together in a home filled with laughter and love. It's nice living everyday with your best freind and the love of your life by your side.

  3. ♠ Merlin ♠

    Can you provide love, companionship, friendship as a self providing man?

  4. Consider

    Frankly, there is not real logical reason for you to do so. Use your talents and funds to improve yourself, do things you enjoy and celebrate what you have in life. Marriage is a bad deal for men in almost all cases.

  5. Sarah

    i guess for emotional support and to have children. Also to just always have someone around you love to do things with

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