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I've read an article that has the phrase "opening religious schools" and I want to incorporate that into my sentence. How do/does "opening religious schools" help with competitiveness? In this case, do I use "do" or "does"? Also, would it be the same case when it was...

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  1. Bela


    Although "religious schools" is plural, it is part of a singular gerund "opening religious schools." That is your subject: "opening religious schools."

    Since this is a question, the sentence structure is inverted. Were we to uninvert the sentence, it would read: "Opening religious schools does help with competitiveness how?" I mention this only to illustrate that "how" is NOT the subject of the sentence even though it appears directly before the verb in your question.

  2. busterwasmycat

    opening is an action, and taken as singular. should be "How does opening (schools or anything)..."

  3. Jamey

    you would use 'does' if you were talking about one thing .. not plural. So because you are talking about schools (more than one school, plural) you use 'do'.

  4. forte88eng

    how does the opening of religious schools ..............................perhaps makes it clearer for you.

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