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Any scary or fun experiences during hitchhiking?

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  1. A Yahoo! user
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    I used to hitchhike all the time. Back in the day, that was much more popular than it is today. I would hitchhike to school when I was in high school. My school was about 1.5 miles from our home.

    In 11th grade I attended a private (Lutheran) school that was 175 miles from our home, and I lived in a dormitory. And about every month or two I would go home for the weekend. And to get home, I would hitchhike.

    I would stand out on Interstate 94, and hold a sign up that says, "Minneapolis." I always got a ride.

    My worst experience was going back to school one time, and I had brought a friend home that weekend. And so it was two of us hitchhiking back on a Sunday afternoon. The problem is, the weather had changed. It got cold, and now it was snowing. But it was a wet snow because it was probably around 35 degrees. And we were dressed for fall weather, not winter weather. We had no gloves and only light jackets. We were soaked and freezing.

    It took seven different rides to finally get back to our school, and it was dark out by the time we got there. We were frozen and soaking wet.
    --- (A Yahoo! User - from friendly Minnesota)

  2. EddieJ

    The only hitchhiking I did was 25-30 years ago during a transit strike.

    The driver took me about 2 miles to the commuter train that wasn't on strike.

  3. steven

    Once I ran into the Texas Chainsaw Massacre guy. I had a new car and not some busted up van. So I just drove right past him.

  4. Peter

    Fireball picked me up once on a country road. Boy, that ride was SCARY.

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