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How do I close down my yahoo mail account please?

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  1. Barkley Hound

    ???? You can't just close email or a portion of Yahoo. You must close the entire account.

    ???? The Yahoo account will close automatically after 12 months if not accessed.

    ???? To delete a Yahoo account now go to this page:
    Be sure to sign out first. If you are signed in it assumes that is the account you are deleting.

    ???? Make sure that you understand that you are deleting ALL Yahoo sites associated with the account ID including photos at Flickr.

    ???? Do not close an account thinking it will remove Yahoo Answers Q&A. It won't.

    ???? When you terminate your account you will lose access to your Yahoo! ID, Yahoo! Mail, and profile names. They will also delete your account data and settings across the Yahoo! network. This includes any contents in:

    ❌ Flickr - Don't forget that this is part of Yahoo. You will lose all your photos stored there.
    ❌ Fantasy Sports
    ❌ Yahoo! Mail
    ❌ Yahoo! Messenger
    ❌ Yahoo! Address Book
    ❌ My Yahoo!
    ❌ Yahoo! Groups
    ❌ Finance Portfolio
    ❌ Yahoo! Answers - Profile only - Q&A remain

    ???? Note that closing your account will not necessarily stop the address from being used for spam. Access to your mail is not needed to fake an address.

    ???? Your account will remain in the Yahoo database for 90 days during which time you can reopen it. You will still lose all data and email. Do not revisit the account just to see if it closed. You will reopen it.

  2. Sharon

    This is how to close your account:

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