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Yesterday when we were having a party, I let my dog run around in the garage with my friends. He was fine and didn t bark or anything to my suprise. But after I fed him and let him go outside to potty, he was walking around in the garage and went to go sniff one of my friends and started growling, barking, and...

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  1. Herself

    He was already aggressive towards your friend, from anxiety probably, and when you touched him before he calmed down- he's done the same to you, because again, he did not calm down. Nothing personal against you :)
    Usually, this behavior is a warning from the dog: "I am very uncomfortable, stay away"... if you want your dog to be better, either go to a trainer, or just make sure he's at ease when doing something you noticed that made him anxious in the first place. It takes times, love, and treats, but then he can have more confidence from whatever bugged him in the first place.

  2. J M

    The dog saw a stranger and went into defense mode. When a dog is like that, it is foolish to pick them up. Their adrenalin is high, and they are preparing to attack.

  3. Jojo

    If you knew that your dog barked and growled at people then why let it mingle among them. Quote: "He was fine and didn t bark or anything to my suprise."

    The dog growls at you because it has no respect for you...End of.

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