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Where can i buy the nacho cheese they use at 7-11?

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  1. kswck2

    Canned nacho cheese comes in a can that is available at Costco or Sam's Club. It is also available at wholesalers, usually in #10 cans. If you want a smaller can, just buy Cheeze Whiz.

  2. gotcha

    That cheese is from a commercial food processor within their foodservice division, possibly under an exclusive agreement related to its formula and is not available public information. Commercial foodservice providers are legally bound to keep that formula secret. You could google it and someone probably has a recipe for one that's pretty close to the original.

  3. Nana Lamb

    in a can from the grocery store or the supply house! the little store in our little town stocked it for the Mothers' Club to use at concession stands along with Wolf brand Chili and other things we needed to make our goodies for sale to the populace.

  4. ckngbbbls

    you asked this before...Its canned. something similar is available at Sams club.

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