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Starting from about 4 years ago I started getting 6 hours of sleep a night and now I'm 16 and very short. Limbs look abnormally long for my torso and my elbows reach my hip bone. My parents are both taller than me still (I'm about 5'3"). Is it possible I'll still grow? (PS, in hindsight I...

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  1. Anonymous

    Nothing to do with your sleep. The amount of height you might lose through bad sleep patterns is just a fraction. You more likely have inherited short genes froman ancestor.
    Whether you will grow more or not depends on when your periods began. If more than 3 years have gone by, or you haven't grown at all in over a year, you are finished.
    You aren't that short either...just one inch under the female average.

  2. JenWales

    It's unlikely.

  3. Mary

    possibly, but your body usually stops growing around the age of 16-18

  4. Serene E

    You're done growing

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