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My jack russel had a sore paw yesterday and he was limping,because my mum stepped in his paw. Should I still bring him to the vet. x ray?

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  1. J C

    If he's still limping and favoring the paw, then yes, the best thing to do is take him in for an x-ray. The feet have many small bones, and a break is NOT out of the question. If he seems OK today, then you can take a wait and see attitude. JRT's are smallish dogs, and the weight of a human stepping on a paw is surely going to make a paw sore for a while. Limping still? Vet visit. No limping? Give it another day or two and see what happens

  2. GreyhoundAdopter

    How does the paw & leg above the paw look? Is it swollen and/or hot to the touch? If so, there is a good chance that the dog could have a fracture or break of one or more of his toes. If that is the case, do not delay in getting the dog to a vet. The dog would also not want to put any weight on the leg ... and most likely not be using it at all

    But a dog's paw is a LONG way from his heart, and if there is no heat or swelling - I would fall back on the "three day rule" for dog limps. If the dog isn't better after 3 days, then you should take it to a vet. Most soft tissue injuries and minor sprains, etc. - usually resolve themselves by then.

  3. GllntKnight

    No one, including a vet, can diagnose/treat the dog, without examining it, least of all YA, call the vet for advice, phone calls are free, chances are they will advise the family to bring it in.

    Families responsibility to provide vet care as needed in a timely fashion or be charged with a felony, punishable by fines/jail time, a lot more than a vet visit.

    Better safe than sorry.

  4. GlennyBoy

    Aww poor Pooch! Accidents happen though. Is he limping today? If so, yes. Have a Vet take a look at him. But if he's fine today then I don't see a reason to take him?

  5. Lizzie


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