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Like what's the different because I'm American but my dad is Italian

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  1. Vince

    It means that the person asking the question does not know that Latino or Latina is not a race. Many Americans wrongly believe that "Latin American" automatically equals "non white" and they sometimes assume that any dark haired or relatively dark complected person is a Latino. Sometimes people of Italian descent are perceived as Latino by some of the more ignorant people out there. While it is true that Italians, along with the Spanish, Portuguese and French are "European Latins", it's not the same thing as being a "Latino".

  2. Paulh

    Maybe you should learn the difference between ethnicity and nationality. you can be Latina AND American at the same time. Does American to you mean the same as being white? Or are all non-white people not really Americans?
    Ps I know an actor (whos actually a Maori from New Zealand) named Cliff Curtis, who has played Arabs, Mexicans as well as Maoris in the movies. Nationality has very little to do with ethnicity.

  3. Kevin

    White = question about one's race.
    Latin = question about one's cultural background.
    Neither is a specific nationality so that qualifies as a misnomer.

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