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Building a drift car and need some advice on a turbo. Originally was planning on buying an hx35 of an old Cummins and just getting it rebuilt by the local diesel shop, but I didn't realise that they didn't sell external waste gate turbos. I don't want a cheap eBay turbo that will burn oil after the...

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  1. Skoda John

    You are trying to double the power. All sorts of things will break.
    Drifting outs a lot of stress on the car anyway

    A drift car has a totally different suspension set up. This is all custom parts. There is a lot of camber in the set up.
    If your wallet is a concern then a drift car is not for you.

  2. Dominic

    At 400hp, it would be pushing fucktons of torque. Upgrade the transmission and internals before you decide to do that. It wouldnt be built to handle the power reliably.

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