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How do you masturbate? What's your favorite technique?

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  1. Joanne

    Regarding masturbation (I call it "fingering"), I enjoy rubbing myself with my index finger to massage my cl*t and using my thumb to push down on my venus mound; and at the same time I like to use my other hand to massage one of my nipples. Doing it in the shower with warm water spraying down on you will also be really fun!!!!

    It took me a few weeks after starting to masturbate to reach orgasm.

    But for me, sexual pleasure is all in the mind.  Yeah.  Techniques are helpful but they mean nothing without a romantic story and a happy ending, at least to me  (meaning that a romantic story needs to have a believable history, a build-up of excitement, lots of honest discussions of feelings between the lovers, expressions of commitment to each other, plans for the future, looking into each other's eyes, feeling their warm breath on each other's faces, smelling each other's breath, nuzzling n roses together, the whispering of affection, wet french kissing, sucking on lips & tongues....... lots of stuff like that). Posted below in my comment are a few links to some stories that I've enjoyed reading (meaning that I'm REALLY excited by taboo love stories of forbidden romance!!!!).  If you don't like my answer about taboo love, then just post a "yuck" comment and I'll remove that part of my answer and my comment with the links, too.

  2. PJ

    Lying on my bed naked stroking my penis until I get an erection and ejaculate. It's such a wonderful feeling when it happens.

  3. Sam

    I stopped 25 years ago and I feel better about myself.

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