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My car misfires badly after a heat soak the whole ride. I'm getting a P0202 and P0302 codes should I change the wires and fuel injector for cylinder 2?

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  1. Benjamin
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    Is this an "injector_x circuit low" code? This is related to the electrical side of the injector, regardless of fuel volume. First make sure a spark plug wire is not sitting on top of your injector. Spark plug wires do not insulate well, they can induce voltage and mess up injector timing if too close.
    Do you have a multimeter? Even a cheap $10 one will work just fine, so long as it can read resistance.

    Testing the injector: Unplug the injector wiring harness from the injector. Turn your multimeter to Resistance setting and touch the probes to both terminals of the injector. Record the resistance. Instead of trying to match it with a figure on Google or automotive forum, just compare the reading to a few other injectors on your engine. If it's way out of spec, then gasoline has probably eaten way the wire insulation on your coil and you will need a new injector.

    If injector resistance is good, then you can be certain that this did not throw the "circuit low" code. The issue lies within the wires to the PCM, which you can test using a multimeter (should be between 0.01 and 0.5 ohms). If you get OL or greater than 0.5 ohms, replace your wires. If still nothing, it's likely a PCM driver.

  2. Jason

    Chances are probably a bad injector or critters got in and chewed the wires or the driver in the PCM took a dump. That's mostly what I see when I get a car that comes in with an injector code and obviously a misfire for the cylinder on that injector.

  3. Ucan'thandle

    Year, make, model, engine size and mileage please?
    I'd start by inspecting the harness and connector at that injector for corrosion or rodent damage. Then swap injectors to another hole and see if it follows the injector.

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