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They don't really seem that intimidated that much as the girls from the midwest are. Their very bold on what they say and they know how to walk alone at night and not worry. How are the White women from new york really strong?

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  1. WyrDachsie

    Why do ask specifically about "white" women. Why not just direct your question to ANY woman from NY.

    BTW, I'm a NY woman. I was born and raised in NYC, I lived thru the tough bad old days when crime was rampant and we had the Guardian Angels on the subway. My neighborhood was always safe though and I didn't have to worry.

    I've never been mugged or robbed. That's because I don't walk around like a victim and never did. I never walked down a dark deserted street, go thru Central Park in the middle of the night, always was aware of my surroundings and still am. I use common sense.

    I don't walk around with ear buds in my ear or looking at my cell phone and I always have my pepper spray in my pocket.

    And Yes, I do walk around at night. I've come home on the subway at 11pm and later. NYC never sleeps, there's always people out, on the subway, walking around. I'd be more worried walking down an unlit country road.

    And yes, I consider myself strong.

  2. bluebellbkk

    Any woman who lives in a big city soon learns what's safe and sensible to do, what is mildly risky, and what is downright lunatic.

    I lived in London for years. I walked home alone at night but obviously I stuck to well lit streets, didn't make eye contact with anyone, and didn't respond to any comments from passers by.
    Oh, and I always took off any jewellery before leaving my office or wherever I had been, and put it into a pocket.

  3. LJ

    Women of all ethnic groups, in all places, are individuals. They are weak or strong depending on their nature...just like you.

    You'll find a date more easily if you stop thinking of women as a special catagory of people. And you'll do better in life in general if you stop thinking of women of ANY ethnic group as an alien species.

  4. Llama

    Lol New York? Thats the least place.

  5. Mamie

    Strength has nothing to do with where you live, your race, or your gender.

  6. Betty

    Liberals are always week

  7. Re Vera

    lol... they aren't. They worry plenty.

  8. S


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