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My future SIL asked me to take care of the flower girls baskets for her upcoming wedding. There s two 3 year old girls, & one 10 year old. I feel like goldilocks trying to find baskets that would be "just the right size" for all 3!? Would it be appropriate for the older girl to have a larger one &...

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  1. Jenny Lynne

    Definitely o.k., I would expect to see a ten year old with a different type basket. Save yourself a headache (unless you are a very crafty person/DIY) and go to florist. Have white/ivory and wedding colors ribbon or a swatch for florist to go by, she can do ten year old perhaps a small fireside basket with ribbons in wedding colors (consider pomander balls) and carry long stem roses and petals for three year olds with smaller baskets in white or ivory (depending on color of brides dress). Three year olds would need no more than 4 inches tall including handle and ten year old could have about 10 inches tall including handle. If you cannot find the smaller baskets (look on inet) consider little satin purses /partial opening at top so that they can get to the petals which they may not even want to. Also, probably know real rose/other petals stain, so def. silk. I would make/have and go over with bride anyway. You never know and brides can be touchy. Just to throw in and I have done this, I am sure there are other sites but on (under occasions and events-wedding, under wedding supplies, go to wedding attendant gifts) I found flower girl teddy bears and have done weddings where the little ones did not want to walk down the aisle, so had bears hidden behind a GM/BM or podium if having one and if they have a problem, then let them see the bears down front as an incentive to go down aisle. They may run to get to them, but it will be cute (it works). With 3 year olds, there is no way to know how they will act. You know them and how mature they are, so your call, but ask bride and these are thank you gifts also. And, if this were my wedding I would be very thankful to have someone who cares about details.

  2. Rosalie

    They should be an appropriate size for whomever is carrying them, or they may not make it down the aisle at all.

    You might look for a "set of three" graduated size baskets of the same style- the big stores with cheap stuff from China are full of them.

    Don't assume anything will be OK with the bride- run everything past her, before you spend any time decorating them. It's her day, and each little detail is an opportunity for drama.

    I hate PB, but lookie what they have:^48040516420-device^c-plaid^61865531738-sku^8220907-adType^PLA

    The best thing to do for the bride to print out a picture of baskets the same size, and then big and small, and ask her to just point. keep in mind that if you keep them all the same size, they should all have small enough ones for the little girls to carry.

  3. Blunt

    Nah,mjust 3 matching baskets.

    Don't complicate something as simple as baskets into a fable, size matching, logistical conundrum.

  4. Common Sense

    Lucky you that the bride trusts your judgment. Go with your gut feeling. Yes, I agree, the toddlers should have smaller baskets than the 10 year old girl. You may want to do something to the baskets so they unite with one another, such as the same color streamer ribbons or spraying them the same color or perhaps something else alike with one another.

  5. Anonymous

    The only person that need to care of about this is the bride.

    She does not.

    I would just show them pictures before you buy them.
    This way, she can not say anything about this.
    If she does not like if for any reason, you are cover.
    Not wanting deal with details, is very strange for brides.

  6. keith

    That is illegal under the Wedding Baskets Act of 1998

  7. BeatriceBatten

    Get whatever baskets you want - nobody will notice or care if they match.

    Run it by the bride first, to be sure, but I promise you the guests won't care.

  8. Swimming in it

    I agree with you completely. Give the eldest the largest and first basket and have the little girls follow her with the smaller ones so they can tell what to do and where to go.

  9. Resist Wedding Indus

    Since the bride declines to either approve or disapprove in advance, then the bride is just going to have to be OK with what she ends up with, isn't she?

  10. Kelly

    Yes, nobody will care what any of them are carrying.

    However, since this is a wedding of someone else she may actually just assume they will all have the same one so I would ask her just to be safe.

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