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I have gone to the friends of the court it seem like that don t work I have no money to get a lawyer I need someone help

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  1. babyboomer1001

    Get a job. Hire a lawyer. Get a custody & visitation order in place. Then, you can have it enforced. However, if you do not have a suitable home in which the kids can visit you, then the court will suspend visitation. Get a job, get a decent home for the kids first.

  2. Libraryanna

    Depends on why you aren't allowed to see them. Contact your local law school and see if they have a legal clinic.

    Usually there are things you have to do - classes, therapy, etc., to see your kids. So do those things.

  3. Pi

    Am sure there's a backstory to all of this which you seem to think is irrelevant.

    Good luck with that.

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