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I m 19 and graduating with my Associate s in Dec, but around May of my 6th grade year there was a night that my grandpa was yelling out in agony for hours. After his death about a week later, I would see it over and over. My mom told everyone about that night because that s how she coped. I d beg her to stop, it...

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  1. leila

    Caregivers, paramedics, 911 phone operators get unique forms of ptsd. It sounds like you have an indirect form from exposure.Try to see a therapist to help you learn to manage it.

  2. James

    I am no psychologist, but it sure sounds like PTSD to me. Whether is is, or is not, I DO recommend you see a therapist. They CAN help you, and you definitely deserve to be helped. I wish you a life time of peace.

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