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Last month was hottest August on record, NASA says

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  1. Caliban

    The key words are On Record. That means it was the hottest August since records were first kept.
    That is pointless. There could have been hotter Augusts prior to record keeping.

    The world changes NATURALLY. Some years are very hot, some are very cold.
    Nature happens. Global Warming is a natural phenomenon and throwing trillions
    of dollars to make it go away is the height of liberal stupidity.

  2. Anonymous

    My opinion is that if China can clean their air and climate for the Olympics, it's possible to to it on a wider scale.

  3. ndmagicman

    And the second lowest minimum recorded for Arctic ice.

  4. Shane

    Some like it hot and they sweat when the heat is on!

  5. William Munny

    Why was it so hot on the previous record?

  6. Joseph hola

    nope even i admit there is a change in climate

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