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I should edit the question to be "is abortion still wrong" not "abortion still murder"

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  1. LaQuasha

    There is no way to tell if the baby, embryo, fetus, whatever you want to address this living being as feels pain and if someone was shot point blank in the head and never saw it coming was it still murder? If someone has to try this hard to rationalize abortion they shouldn't do it and they'll most likely regret it later in life This is coming from a person who is pro choice


    When I was 20, I got my girlfriend at the time pregnant. I wasn't making great money yet, but I was confident in my ability to succeed in life, so I asked her to marry. She declined. When I asked what about our baby, she told me it isn't a baby, and won't ever be a baby. She was having an abortion. I told her that she doesn't need to have anything to do with the child, she could sign full custody over to me and I would take care of the child myself, and she doesn't need to be involved in any way if she doesn't want to be.
    She declined that offer also. She told me she didn't want to get fat for no reason and if she carried the child to birth, she would probably wind up having feelings for the baby.
    Apparently, the father has no say in the matter, but would have to pay child support for 18 years if the roles were reversed...go figure.
    She aborted at week 11. I only hope that it is true about the first trimester, but that is on her. I tried to do what I felt was right.

  3. Anonymous

    If I kill someone in a virtually painless manner is it still murder?
    THAT is the question you have asked. But you already know that the real question is "are you dead or not?"

    Yes you are as a result of abortion.
    Do you know what bothers me most about demonrat fcks and abortion?

    It's that they themselves were SPARED from the same abortion procedure they would then demand be applied to countless babies.

    It's like being given a pardon for a death sentence and then insisting 1.5 million unborn babies per year be executed by means of abortion.

    (Yes, 1.5 million is the American national average of abortion rates)


    Isn't it ironic? Had these demonrat worthless fcks not been spared from abortion, they'd be the same dead that the babies they support the killing of.

  4. Pascal the Gambler

    Abortion isn't murder in the first place. The pain felt by the victim is never a factor in whether or not something is murder. Shoot someone in the head, they feel nothing and are instantly dead. Still murder.

    Bacteria on your door knob IS life, viewed by a biologist or anyone else.

  5. Anonymous

    uh, bacteria IS alive. what? and you're so narrow minded. a fetus has their ENTIRE life ahead of them. you're taking that away. they develop nerve cells at 8 weeks. there's more to life than pain. you are so ignorant. if fetusus don't matter why are so many mothers so devastated when they miscarry? they didn't lose anything right? stfu you sound disgusting. something is different than you and not as developed as you so they don't matter? it will be a person. they have their whole life ahead of them. they deserve the SIMPLE right to at least life.

  6. Jeffrey

    Of course it is. It someone shoots you in the head it is also painless but still murder.

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