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So. I'm a 15 years old that haven't had any friends at all in my age, or made contact with anyone in school before. It was really hard for me because of my social phobia and my panic attacks.I'd love to make contact with people and talk. This year i decided to take a break and i recently finsished high...

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  1. Anonymous
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    You were determined to cure your phobia. That's a great first step and you're definitely heading in the right direction, so great job! But why do you feel broken now? Come on, let's talk. Leave me a reply, and hopefully we can help you get through this together.

  2. Jamie

    Take part in activity at school, just make sure you're not going to put yourself in the wrong crowd. Also as harsh as it sounds in School people base you off your appearance so make an effort. Look what other people are wearing, if someone's struggling in class help them... if you don't like a bit of work speak about it, if you're able to work better then other people offer them advice... Just don't try push yourself onto a crowd or the wrong crowd just let it slowly take it's place.

  3. Sergio

    You're a 15 year old that recently finished Highschool?

  4. lucki7137

    Wanna talk? I get that depressed stuff. I was delusional a couple of months ago from it...and it's kinda crawling back upon me. I wanna help though. And ditto on that helping thing.

  5. liana

    I am 19 and have gone through this too and know how hard it is.

    The best way to beat a social phobia is by facing your fear and making yourself socialise. I know this is easier said than done..

    Leaving school, calling in sick, avoiding people etc only makes it worse because you are training yourself to believe you can get out of these situations. You must push yourself out of your comfort zone and it will gradually get better.

    lastly, remember you are a beautiful, unique person and you can get through this. Have trust and confidence in yourself because you are stronger than you think!

  6. Hi there

    you won't be forever

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