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do you believe they are for the weak minded?

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  1. Anonymous

    It was awful in my case. I took prozac,SErzone then Luvox. Serzone gave me memory loss which I still expereince to this day as well as other symptoms of losing my mind but not being aware how awful my life was .Serzone was taken off the market. Luvox made me go blind for the day which was terrifying. Prozac made me very uptight and felt flipped out and more selfish and did not care. The doctor said just keep taking it it will get better. LIES Then I would cry for hours over weird things and lose sexual function plus it made me feel less care like a robot is how I thought of it but when I got upset I really got way too upset than I ever had before and was wanting to take actions I would never have considered before the meds. They made me into a different person more or less and I feel I lost those years of my life in a way. I know people who take them and cannot get off them and I worry for those who take them for some because it can make people more depressed and suicidal at times and I think it is a travesty for our youth to be put on it as children.

  2. Arnold

    I have taken antidepressants before. They really didn't work well for me. At least not the drug that I took (Zoloft).
    Side effects were too severe with no real perceivable change in my mood.

  3. yay

    Personally, no. They may be a lifesaver for some people, but I felt like I was in a waking coma and all I wanted to do was eat and sleep. Therapy helped a lot more.

  4. Gary The Human Being

    I take Effexor they help some. Natural stuff like 5-HTP helps also but seems like they stop working after awhile

  5. cindy

    Yes and no
    They help me cope with life, and make me feel OK. But they are addicting and I can't get off of therm and they make me too complacent.

  6. Ryan

    No. People fail to see that you have the power to help yourself and work on yourself without these things

  7. Old Guy

    Nope. Thankfully never needed them

  8. Mr Brightside

    Not really.. it didn't really help me much and it make other things not work as well.

  9. joyce

    nah! i'm too happy to be a fan of those

  10. Anonymous

    Tony soprano took them and he was mafia boss

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