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i am in 9th grade and i want to be a heart surgeon so with experience or what you know what should i be doing right now and in the years ahead? how does getting into medical work? when do i start getting paid and how much? i always make straight As and i never let anything get in between me and my education. tell...

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  1. Eddy

    Thank you for allowing me to be the first to answer.

    Here is your plan of action. Find the nearest COMMUNITY COLLEGE. Go there in person and take a look at their library. Just to get a feeling for the place. You are then going to ask the librarian if they have a good medical studies. Ask where you can arrange for a one-on-one meeting with a COUNSELOR. The librarian might make an appointment for you right then and there. Have a delightful talk with the counselor. You say this when you meet the counselor: "I am hoping to go into the medical profession and become a doctor. Can you give me a plan of action with the classes I should take when I graduate from high school? Perhaps you could let me know what I should be taking in high school that would be beneficial to my college classes?"

    That will be the very beginning of your medical career. Right there in the counselor's office. Tell him about your straight As and how you are extremely serious about your medical career. The counselor will pour much thought into your plan to become a heart surgeon and help you 100%.

    It is already obvious that you have an aptitude for becoming a heart surgeon. When you have the same aptitude as required by the career choice, it means that you will one day be the best there is. Just settle into the "haul" and enjoy every minute.

    I am very happy for you. And boy does this world NEED YOU. We can start by advising the youth of America to stop eating fast food and smoking.

  2. D

    First, get through high school, with a focus on challenging English, math, science, and social science courses. Get involved in extracurriculars. Do some service. Keep up your good grades, and get yourself into a good college. It is a bit too early to plan out your college and medical career. However, to be a physician, the general plan is a bachelor's degree, four years of med school, and then residency and fellowship in the appropriate area.

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