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We received a company memo stating any employee who takes home promotional products from the office that are meant for customers (tshirts, mugs, cups, pens, sunglasses, blankets, towels, etc) will be terminated as it's considered theft.However as a manager I sometimes take some of those things home for my kids...

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  1. P

    You really shouldn't be taking anything without specific permission for that particular item from your boss or someone in charge of those items manager or not. Getting this non specific permission can only get you in trouble if who ever authored this memo catches you. While everyone knows a little different rules apply to managers you shouldn't be openly defying rules that you expect employees to follow either.

  2. Pascal the Gambler

    The boss said for you it's OK, so it's OK. You have permission. It does set a poor example though. Surely you could do it without anyone knowing.

  3. Anonymous

    Stop taking stuff even if your boss says its ok. Don't be a hypocrite. Employees don't respect managers who do that. Your boss sounds as dumb as you do. You both act very entitled.

  4. rick29148

    Yes, you should quit doing that. Now, I used to get pre-promotional samples of give-a-ways, so I knew what was coming - Those I either gave to employees or took home.

  5. blurrytree

    You likely just have more of a trusting relationship. It is a bit of a double standard but I guess it is the perks of working your way up. I wouldn't.

  6. Ranger4402

    You want to risk your job over cheap mugs, cups, pens, sunglasses, and etc.? There is something seriously wrong with you if you are willing to do that.

    Your kids will cope just fine without these silly freebies from your job.

  7. Anonymous

    It does set a very bad example.

  8. WRG

    Yes you should quit doing it your friend is exactly right as to the reason.

  9. Sal*UK

    Your friend is right. Theft is theft.

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