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I don't need a huge house or a fancy car or anything. I honestly just want to be able to live near the city - even a condo would be okay for me. Just wondering if the cost of living is too high here to live comfortably on a PT salary (I would have a DPT and an MPH actually).

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  1. reenzz

    San Francisco is one of the most expensive cities in the country. A very small studio apartment will cost you at least $1600 a month. That means the landlord will require you to make at lease $1200 a week at your pt job.

  2. Drinker Of The House

    Sure, lots of patients live in San Francisco. Look at all the hospitals they have.

  3. Ryan M

    Can you probably rent? Maybe....with a roommate. You can COMPLETELY forget about owning anything within city limits. Parking spaces ALONE can cost you over $100k. Either way, you will NOT be "comfortable".

  4. Robt

    Google for SALES sites and get educated locally.
    ONE income will barely let u rent NOT BUY .
    Across the bat, that's different story.

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